Atmos NA Alturas Golden

Atmos Brewing Co. was founded in 2020 as part of the Sawtooth Brewery brand family in the mountains of Hailey, Idaho

At Atmos, we fully believe in crafting great beer. We are also passionate about our health, lifestyles, and adventures. From those merging values we created a range of Non-Alcoholic brews that are guaranteed to refresh you. There's nothing quite like a long hike, ski day, or rafting trip that ends with cracking a cold one. 

The options are endless with beer that tastes great, without the alcohol. Whether you are taking a night off, curious about sobriety, or have cut alcohol out of your life - Atmos has something for you.



Brewed in Idaho

Idaho is an amazing place to brew beer. Our 2-Row Malt and Pilsner Malt come from 3 hours southwest, our hops come from 3 hours to the east, and our water is untreated water from the Big Wood River, flowing no more than 40 miles by Sun Valley Ski area through no areas of major population, industry, or agriculture.


Small Batch NA Brewing

We brew on a 15bbl Premier Stainless brewhouse commissioned in 2016 and gently remove the alcohol while the beer is cold to reduce bruising and heating the beer and causing damage the gentle hop and malt aromas that are so vital to great craft beer. Our canning is done in house on our Cask Canning 6-head canning line, commissioned in June 2020.

Canned Independent Craft Beer

Independence Matters. While we see the NA Craft Beer culture move beyond the old school beers, we can drive the industry forward with small businesses, new product innovations, and local ingredients.