Our Story

 Brewed in Idaho

Idaho is an amazing place to brew beer. Our 2-Row Malt and Pilsner Malt come from 3 hours southwest, our hops come from 3 hours to the east, and our water is untreated water from the Big Wood River, flowing no more than 40 miles by Sun Valley Ski area through no areas of major population, industry, or agriculture.

Idaho Brewing

Small Batch NA Brewing

We brew on a 15bbl Premier Stainless brewhouse commissioned in 2016 and gently remove the alcohol while the beer is cold to reduce bruising and heating the beer and damaging the gentle hop and malt aromas that are so vital to great craft beer. Our canning is done in house on our Cask Canning 6-head canning line, commissioned in June 2020.

Canned Independent Craft Beer
Independence Matters. While we see the NA Craft Beer culture move beyond the old school beers, we can drive the industry forward with small businesses, new product innovations, and local ingredients.
We use 16 oz. cans for our products for a few reasons.
Patrons want a pint of beer at the bar, and pint can let us keep enjoying beer and the rituals and community it creates.
When we ship, we are able to send 25% more beer using the same amount of packaging and transport.
We are in a nationwide can shortage and 16oz cans are more readily available!
We only put barrel aged beer into bottles so we can wax dip them. Please don't take any bottles skiing. And we will get around to soaked in oak NA beers. The stout is already in the barrels aging!